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Sweeter than sugar + healthful

Stevia is thirty times sweeter than sugar yet has no calories and is non-nutritive.

Derived from its flowers and leaves as an alternative sweetener, this herb is available at many grocery or natural food stores.  Buy it as a liquid extract, powdered extract, and granulated (when mixed with rice syrup powder).  I only use the liquid extract in drop doses; my strong morning coffee gets 3-4 drops.

Why healthful?

  • Used  to suppress dental bacteria in Japan
  • Apparently regulates blood sugar so people with hypoglycemia and diabetes could utilize
  • Tolerated by candidiasis sufferers who must stop all sweets
  • Good for weight loss
  • No evidence (to date) of adverse reactions to this herb

Multiple use: Stevia’s uses are unlimited.  Unaffected by heat, it’s good for cooking and baking.  The taste has slower onset plus longer duration than sugar.

Caveat: It won’t recreate the exact same flavor and texture as sugar.

Experiment: Usually 2 drops of the liquid extract sweetens 1 cup of liquid.


A zen master said to a monk “you must see the universe in your cup”.

The monk looked into his cup, but didn’t see the universe so he threw the cup away.

The zen mast said “oh poor cup.  We think the cup is too small to hold the universe.

Intellectually, we can’t see how it could fit.  But wherever we go, the whole

universe always appears—in a cup, in a window, in a smile, in a word”.

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